2019 –2021

In collaboration

with Sara Carlsson

Photo Emmi Roosling

An interactive art project aimed at exploring sustainable textile manufacturing processes and creating interaction between humans and nature. In a visual way show how organic material can be reused and refined in the up cycling process.

In the spring of 2019, we announced an open call for people to submit a garment that everyone has in their wardrobe – a shirt, with an associated story. Where we offered to dye them for free with natural color pigments. And by doing so “upcycle” a favorite in the wardrobe. The purpose is to create transparency through interaction and dialogue. Through the exchange of knowledge, people are given the opportunity to reflect on their own wardrobe and their consumption. Many people have no insight into the production of textiles or the enormous environmental impact on nature and humans. Our goal is to raise awareness and curiosity about how it is actually done and how it is possible to extract pigments ourselves from things that we usually grow and eat.

For over five years we have explored and documented our dyeing practise. We have created a color library that contains over 300 different shades that all are extracted from around 50 plants and minerals. We cultivate plants such as indigo, woad, marigold and many others. We use compost materials, plants from the wild and also some brought pigments from India such as natural indigo, turmeric and madder which belongs to some of the world’s oldest color plants.

During June 2019 we dyed all the submitted shirts and created a color scale consisting of 40 different shades. The project wad exhibited at Capellagården in September 2019. In 2020 we will host a number of workshops to start the exchange knowledge with the participants.



Hemslöjd 2019. Photo Johan Ekelund