24 of April 2020



NEW DATE 18th – 20th of September 2020

Due to corona this workshop is moved to 18th – 20th of September 2020. There are still a few spots left. You can apply at www.capellagarden.se

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24 of April 2020

Just finished the workshop "Body & clothes at Designskolan, Ölandsfolkhögskola. A week full of creativity, structure, transformation, shapes and different sketching techniques in both fabric and paper. So much fun to hold those one week workshops with students. Thank you for a really creative week!

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Some of my inspiration pictures and techniques shared with the students.

Student works from the "Body & clothes" workshop at Designskolan, Ölandsfolkhögskola

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19th of April 2020


We have received all the 21 selected pieces of Aachadiyas! 9 meters of fabrics that are used as table covers over several layers of jute fabric when block printing. The aachadiya fabrics are made of cotton and can be used for several months before they are rejected. During our Artist in Residence in Ajrakhpur we selected fabrics and also started with pattern making and made prototypes in collaboration with a tailor in Dohri village in the rural part of Kutch.

The beautiful traces of all the printed patterns cover the surface. And the fabrics becomes like a map of history.

We reuse the fabrics and will make a limited edition of kimonos that will be released in 2021. 40 pieces, each will be unique and carry its own story. Our aim is to reuse materials as well as support local crafts people and always work with as little impact on the environment as possible.

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15th of April 2020

From seed to dye

Our indigo babies are doing fine! We have started to cultivate indigo seeds in our green house. We cultivate two different indigo and will use different methods of fermentation both wet and dry to extract the indigo pigment out from the leaves.

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12th – 13th of Aug 2020

I will be holding a lecture about hand block printing and present some parts from our coming book "Block print – with trace from a hand". And also conduct a workshop in block printing will during the "Craft teacher seminar" at Capellagården in August.

For more information about the seminar pls. see; www.capellagarden.se