NO # 1/12


A limited edition of hand woven shawls 

made for Boom Craft Studio

Boom craft studio proudly presents 12 unique pieces of handwoven and piece dyed indigo shawls. 

To purchase, send a Mail to; with requested number. First served basis. Pls. see highlights in Instagram profile @linda_zetterman or @boomcraftstudio for description of quality, number of indigo dips, size and price for each piece. Price ranges from 1600 – 2000 SEK. 

Ashok is both cultivating indigofera tinctoria as well as dyeing with natural indigo and mastering the art of hand weaving. He is making small collections of hand woven fabrics and hand sewn garments in cotton. His whole family is a part of the community Bhujodi in Bhuj, who supports other artisans with work to maintain their unique craft skills and be able to continue to work from home. The weavers in Bhujodi are known for intricate hand woven textiles with extra warp and weft that gives the possibility to create very detailed pieces in cotton, silk and wool. In this family of weavers and dyers the deep knowledge and respect for indigo is truly inspiring. 

This family of eleven indigo vats also lives in a house in the yard that belongs to Ashok and his family. Fermented vats with natural indigo are completely non-toxic and when cared for they can be maintained for several years. A skilled dyer knows the condition of the vat based on the taste, smell and also the structure of the indigo flower.


Hand loom weaver and indigo lover from Kutch

Portrait of Ashok @siju_7  

Photo by Sohail Wazir @unevenpixel 

Photo of vats @boomcraftstudio