A dye plant garden and a color library with over 200 hues are created with the flora that is cultivated at Capellagården and plants from the local environment on Öland. Included are dye plants such as vejde, indigo, safflower, dyers coreopsis, marigold and many others. The cultivation started in the spring of 2020 in collaboration with the textile class. The purpose is to visualise the opportunities that exist in plants in our local environment. The project aims to preserve, develop and disseminate knowledge about sustainable dyeing methods and make sustainable textile production methods visible. Through it illuminate various sustainable dyeing methods to apply to textile materials and also contribute to biological diversity.

“From seed to dye” was initiated and run by Linda Zetterman in collaboration with the textile class at Capellagården. The project started in 2020 with support from Nämnden för Hemslöjdsfrågor.

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Indigo "Persicaria tinctoria"Also called Japanes Indigo is mostly common in Japan. The pigment is extracted from the leaves by using a dry compost and fermentation process 'Sukoumo'. We are exploring several cultivation and extracting methods and different dyeing processes using the natural indigo from our own cultivation. Below dyeing with fresh indigo leaves. Using the hands to squeeze and massage the indigotin from the leaves to the scoured fabric.

Processing the grinded dried indigo pigment before dissolving in the reduction vat.

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Book in making, release 2023

The book "A dyer's notes" aims to give the reader knowledge about sustainability, pigments, cultivation, patterns, textiles and a sensory experience for both brain and eye.

In order to visualise sustainable textile production techniques and create a deeper understanding of the methods that dyeing with plant pigments offers, Linda initiated "From seed to dye" in 2020. This started with support from Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor. The cultivation is located at Capellagården on Öland and is based on the species that grow naturally in the habitat and the dye plants that have been grown from seed. The practice takes place through cultivation, harvesting and extraction of pigments to finally be used for dyeing textiles and thus mapping the place's color palette. The experience of the place becomes visual through the colors and creates a dialogue with the viewer.

Included in the mapping are about 50 different species with cultivated plants such as indigo, madder, woad and weld and trees such as walnut and hazel (to name a few). The color library that was created consists of approx. 200 different hues, all of which are dyed based on principles and methods for extraction, mordanting and changing the pH value that have been used historically. This in combination with various techniques to create patterns such as shibori, eco print and resist print. The project is completely self-sufficient in seeds and the cultivation takes place organically and also contributes to the biological diversity on the site.

The project has been shown and shared via exhibitions at Marabouparken 2021, Capellagården 2021, Sörmlands Museum 2022. Several workshops on the subject have been held for both students and professionals. The book "A dyer's notes" is based on Linda's notes and solid knowledge of the subject and the documentation in the form of photos, notes and logbook. Photographer Emmi Roosling is also responsible for photography. Graphic form and original work is done in collaboration with Johan Ekelund and Estelle Bourdet.


#fromseedtodye #frånfrötillfärg #adyersnotes #naturaldyeing #lindazetterman #naturligfärgning #enfärgaresanteckningar

#adyersnotes #book #naturaldyeing #fromseedtodye #frånfrötillfärg #naturligfärgning #textile #pigment #sustainability #lindazetterman #indialoguewithcolours


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Marabouparken 2021, Sörmlandsmuseum 2022

#fromseedtodye #frånfrötillfärg #lindazetterman #boomcraftstudio #naturaldyeing #naturligfärgning #exhibition #marabouparken

#fromseedtodye #frånfrötillfärg #lindazetterman #boomcraftstudio #naturaldyeing #naturligfärgning #exhibition #sörmlandsmuseum