Indigenous organic cotton from Kutch

“Kutch Kala Cotton connects farmers, pickers, ginners, handspinners, weavers, hand block printers, natural dyers, t

ailors and consumers in a supply-and- distribution network that´´ reminiscent of India´s legacy of weaving khadi

reinterpreted for modern markets. This in turn, helps promote an indigenous species of cotton for textile production 

in tandem with the local ecology of Kutch and also facilitates forward linkages that provide sustainable livehoods.”

Khamir craft 

Initiator to The kala cotton initiative


Design by Boom Craft Studio

Handwoven organic kala cotton fabrics. Yarn dyed with natural plant pigments in Kutch. 

Fabrics sold by meter, (minimum 1 meter) Width 115 cm. 

Prices ranges from € 22 – €25, ex. shipping cost. 

To purchase send an Email to: info@boomcraftstudio.se


Vankar Dinesh and Vankar Naran Valji 

The brothers Vankar Dinesh and Vankar Naran Valji are hand loom weavers since generations back. 

They work and live in the village of Jamthada in Kutch, India. Our cooperation takes place completely 

without intermediaries and we pay reasonable prices for their hand woven fabrics. We cherish a long 

term collaboration where we together will produce handwoven fabrics in organic kala cotton, always 

dyed with natural dyes. It is a long chain from cotton farmers, spinners and finally weavers and by 

producing our handwoven organic kala cotton fabrics we support the whole chain! We always try 

to find sustainable solutions and we never over produce any fabrics. The lead times can therefore 

be long and the fabrics can also be out of stock at time to time. Fabrics are sold directly by us, stay tuned!

The "handloom project" is a collaboration in between Linda Zetterman and Sara Carlsson and the 

brothers Dinesh and Naran Valji in Jamthada, Kutch, India. You can read more about our vision and 

thought about sustainability at "BOOM CRAFT STUDIO". 


Boom craft studio works exclusive with natural dyes and pigments. Read more about the process of dyeing @boomcraftstudio


Indigenous cotton from Kutch

Soft, sustainable and part of a long tradition. This cotton is organic and completely rain-fed crop that has a high tolerance for diseases. No pesticides or artificial irrigation are used in the cultivation.

Kala cotton is part of the ”Kala cotton initiative” initiated by Khamir craft. Which aims to revitalise and recreate the chain between the farmer and the weaver and support the use of indigenous organic cotton in the area. 

This benefits both humans and nature. 

If you are going to use new raw materials, make conscious choices! Benefit artisanal production, where both farmers and artisans get paid fairly for their work. Know your maker and support transparency in the field of textile!

Read more about Khamir and the "Kala cotton initiative" at; www.khamir.org

Each step in the process of making fabrics involves the hand. From picking the cotton, 

ginning, spinning, dyeing, warping and finally weaving. In Jamthada and other weaver 

communities all members in the family takes part in the long process from preparing and 

finally weaving those beautiful kala cotton fabrics.


The gingham check fabric in the making


You are welcome to read more about our partners in craft and the process of making kala cotton fabrics @boomcraftstudio