50 meters of cloth

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The brothers Vankar Dinesh and Vankar Naran Valji are weavers since generations back. They work and live in the village of Jamthada in Kutch, India. Our cooperation takes place completely without intermediaries and we pay reasonable prices for the hand woven fabrics. We cherish a long term collaboration where we will produce handwoven fabrics in organic kala cotton dyed with natural dyes. It´s a long chain from cotton farmers, spinners and finally weavers. You will support the whole chain when you purchase those hand woven organic fabrics!! We also try to find sustainable solutions in the whole chain and will never over produce any fabrics. Therefore the lead times can be long and the fabrics will also be out of stock at time to time.

The "handloom project" is a joint collaboration in between Linda Zetterman and Sara Carlsson and Dinesh and Naran Valji in Kutch. You can read more about our vision at WORK /CONNECTING CLOTH.



During this period of global crisis and precariousness, many artisans also needs support to maintain their livelihood. The situation in India is very difficult, total loc down of the country means no income for millions of people without any possibilties to get support from the government.

The effect of the quarantaine is even worse than most of us can imagine.

We are therefore very glad that we can provide orders and continue our collaboration with Dinesh and Naran Valji in Jamthada.

 As a customer you can support several organisations that can help to provide income to crafts people all over India and other countries.

Find out more about the "Kala cotton initiative" at;


#kalacotton #organiccotton #naturaldyes #artisans #handwoven #handloom #handloomproject #sustainability #slowfashion #buylessbutbetter

50 meters of warp is prepared at a time. Here starch is brushed up on the whole warp length. Jamthada, India 2020.