“Capellagårdens kokbok presents recipes for the stomach and for life. A beautiful volume about food that tells you a lot more than just the content of the recipe. Capellagården in Vickleby on Öland is a magical place, a legendary school for crafts and gardening. "

Anneli Brunberg works in the plant school. A nursery for all the organic plants. She is portrayed in the autumn chapter.

Breakfast at Capella. Always with home made jam, tahini and peanut butter. Real classics.

It´s early autumn and the garden- and textile students works together with the linen harvest.

Helena Bratt´s vegan cake from page 103.

The specials of the day are always presented on the blackboard. Vegans, meat eaters, vegetarians, prescetarians…

Work in progress. To be launched 2017. Tests printing with different papers and shades of white.

Photo shoot of the chef Erik Måneld when he cooks his autumn menu. A lot of planning, cooking, timing and eating… Erik makes the best of each taste. His recipes are presented at the pages 176-181.