Our collaboration with the Vankar family has just begun. We met in November in their workshop and home in Jamthada village, Kutch, India. The family are weavers since several generations and makes the most beautiful fabrics in cotton, all handwoven!
We have chosen to work only with natural dyes and organic khala cotton that is naturally grown in Gujarath. The process starts with dyeing and warping, the warp is always prepared in 50 meters lengths. Then brushing starch over the tensed warp (see movie) and once its dried and combed they are connecting the new warp with the old one in the reed in the loom. Thread by thread they tie the 2200 edges together before they can start to weave. All steps are time consuming and the hands are always included. The other tools are perfectly crafted for each step in the process.

We will make a small collection of fabrics together that lasts for a long time and will be loved and taken care for. Shared profit, no middle hands, no bargin and a fully transparent chain from artisan to customer. Shipping in the best way possible is the aim. Stay tuned for more information. The indigo fabric on the pictures will be first out!

I´m so proud that this idea that I initiated and been working for became reality… Pls. spread the word!

Textile Salon – Capella 60 years

Vernissage April 24th at 2 p.m in Norrlängan.
The exhibition is open Thursday-Sunday, April 24th until May 10th, Opening hours 10am – 4pm.
Capellagarden’s friends invite former students and teachers to a Textile Salon.
As Capellagården celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020, we want to manifest the variety of the textile material by filling the Norrlängan with textiles. You are welcome to apply with a textile work that will be representative for you and not older than five years. The work should be accommodated within 1.5 x 1.5 sqm and it can contain several objects as long as the size is not exceeded. Your work can be one-, two- or three-dimensional and can lie, stand or hang. Deadline for applying is 2nd of March 2020. For more information pls. see;

The jury;
Birgitta Nordström, Textile artist and researcher
Carina Seth Andersson, Designer
Bodil Karsvall, Chairman of Friends of Capellagarden

Curator for the exhibition is Birgitta Nordström.

Feel free to tell a friend or relative who has been a student or taught at Textile at Capellagården.
For questions please contact;

Textil Salong – Capella 60 år

Vernissage 24 april kl. 14.00 – 16.00 i Norrlängan.
Utställningen är öppen torsdag-söndag 24 april -10 maj, Öppettider 10-16.
Capellagårdens vänner bjuder in tidigare studerande och lärare till en Textil Salong.
Med anledning av att Capellagården år 2020 firar 60 år vill vi manifestiera spännvidden på det textila materialet genom att fylla Norrlängan med textil. Du är välkommen att söka med ett textilt verk som skall vara representativt för dig och inte äldre än fem år. Verket skall rymmas inom 1,5 x 1,5 kvm och det kan innehålla flera objekt så länge storleken ej överskrids. Ditt verk kan vara en-, två- eller tredimensionellt och kan ligga, stå eller hänga. Deadline för ansökan är 2 mars 2020. För mer information om ansökningsförfarande och kriterier se;


Juryn består av;
Birgitta Nordström, Textilkonstnär och forskare
Carina Seth Andersson, Formgivare
Bodil Karsvall, Ordförande Capellagårdens Vänner

Curator för utställningen är Birgitta Nordström.

Tipsa gärna en vän eller släkting som varit studerande eller undervisat på Textil på Capellagården.
För frågor kontakta; linda.zetterman@capellagarden.se

Fortfarande några platser kvar! Kontakta Linnea för mer information. Se Mail ovan.

Still some spots left! Pls. contact Linnea for more information. See Mail above.

Todays mission is to make several applications for Grants. I really enjoy putting things together and take time to also expanding the project. Looking so much forward to this and everything that comes with it; India, patterns, craft, knowledge, textiles, friends and unexpected connections all over the world. The book starts to live its own life and guide us in different directions… The art of block printing is amazing!

“The shirt project” This project aims to highlight the advantages and possibilities in giving your garments a second life by using existing fibers and garments and overdye them with natural pigments. We have start to take action by sharing knowledge and we believe that we actually make a difference. All steps toward a more conscious way of using our resources are welcomed! The project will be exhibited in end of Sept 2019 and more information about following workshops will soon be sent to our first test pilots.

Photo by Emmi Roosling.

Colours of nature! In the middle of the process of dyeing all the shirts that the test pilots has sent us for “The shirt project”. Piece by piece a weave of stories, shapes and shades appears. Mordanting, piece dye and prepare all the dye pigments is time consuming but also very fulfilling. If you are interested to grow, collect or forage different peals or plants pls. send an email.

From the last weeks study trip to Dalarna. Visiting textile companies and schools. My long lasting impression whas however the beautiful workshop at Jobs handtryck. Where the Job´s family have been printing for generations using sustainable printing colours made by their own non toxic recipe. Today they work mostly with screen print but It also turned out that once they also started working with wood blocks and still some of them are in use. Back then the family ordered custom made blocks from India and also carved some of them in Sweden. So we will be back for the book project for deeper research and to see the great collection of print blocks used in the beginning. Looking forward…

”The shirt project” – part I

An interactive art project that aims to find and explore sustainable textile processes.
Do you want to contribute and be a part of the solution? You can participate as a test pilot in the project by sending or handling over a white shirt with instructions that will be delivered to you by mail. We would love if you and your shirt have a history together. The condition of the shirt doesn´t matter but the shirt must be washed. We will welcome white shirts in need for some love and give them a second life. And you will get your shirt back in a new colour!

The project is open to all gender and shirts in all different shapes as long as it´s made out of nature materials and in a white shade. We will start collecting from today and until May 30.
Handle the shirt over directly to Sara or Linda or send according to instructions. No extra costs will be added except from shipping.

/Sara & Linda

If you are interested contact us by email (hand emoji)


Thanks to model Johanna Metsalo

”The shirt project” – del I

Ett interaktivt konstprojekt som syftar till att hitta och utforska hållbara processer för textil.
Vill du medverka till att vara en del av lösningen? Du kan delta som testpilot i projektet genom att skicka eller lämna en vit skjorta med instruktioner som skickas via mail. Vi vill gärna att du och skjortan har en historia och skicket spelar ingen roll bara skjortan är tvättad. Vi samlar in vita skjortor som är i behov av lite kärlek och ger dem ett andra liv. Du kommer att få tillbaka din skjorta i en ny färg!

Projektet är öppet för alla människor, skjortor i alla former så länge den är gjord i naturmaterial och är i en vit nyans. Insamlingen börjar idag och pågår t.o.m. 30 maj.
Lämna skjortan direkt till Sara eller Linda eller skicka enl. instruktioner. Inga ytterligare kostnader tillkommer mer än frakt för dig som skickar.

Se mailadresser ovan.

Materials for the spring pattern project just arrived from Maiwa Handprints! Patterns in making… I will try Katazome printing again. Tried it before in Japan and also been experimenting. Now with some proper tools.

Patience is a big part of making research. Sorting out and documenting results and facts takes time. But doing it together on a flying carpet makes more sense. Right now we are building up our experience and knowledge for launching a new business model that includes taking care of the resources and implement a sustainable chain for garments.

164 Shades of natural colours in 4 days. Research and sampling using only natural dye pigments for different qualities. Extracting, reusing and over dyeing with the beautiful plants and pigments that I we bought in India such as marigold, Indian madder, euphatorium, walnut, turmeric, logwood, bresilia and pomegranate.

We have started to sort pictures for the block printing book. We took over 10000 pictures during our trip and now trying to decide how to tell the story… It´s challenging but yet so fun to work with this project. Baghru is known for “dhabu” resist printing with mud and over dye with indigo as well as the use of natural pigments for block printing with colours. The fabrics needs to be mordanted with harda before you print with natural colours made of iron/jagery, madder and turmeric. This indigo vat has sustained for 9 years!

Back after a very intense month in India where I’ve been doing field studies as well as worked with the book project about the beautiful craft of block printing. Also explored different ways of working with natural dyes for both dyeing and printing. Met so many skilled craftspeople and the knowledge and enthusiasm they’ve shared is invaluable and very inspiring. Thank you all!

Soon on my way to beloved Mother India. This time will work together with block printers in Baghru, Sanganer, Ajrakhpur. Combining research, practical work and by following the whole process of pattern making and preparing for the book project; “Block print, trace from hand and nature”. Follow the work at @theblockprintingbook on Instagram.

Sampling for upcoming project. Working on a library of natural dyes in collaboration with @saramariacarl. Also continuing with the “Collecting colour 2018” project. Made a super powerful indigo vat this time, named India. Each natural vat is an adventure and I have been through ups and downs.

New wool shawl samples. We have been dyeing with avocado, turmeric, ink, indigo, nettle and done several tryouts in-between the process of screen printing the restored “Ekudden” pattern by Carl Malmsten.

Such a perfect day. We made a kite and it won first price for it´s beauty and also flied all day high in the sky.

Final days at Capella. We are working with the summer exhibition. I’m also taking done the interior design and the set up for the exhibition store. Just trying to be in the present during this wonderful time.

“Ekudden” ritat av Carl Malmsten på 60-talet. Malmsten är mest känd för sina möbler, men det här mönstret är verkligen en pärla. Nu är det återskapat och vi screen trycker det på Capellagården.

“Ekudden” drawn by Carl Malmsten in the 60´s. Malmsten is mostly famous for his furnitures but this pattern is really a piece of jewellery. Now it´s recreated and we are screen printing it at Capellagarden.

So much knowledge, generosity and spirit of indigo. I’m so thankful for those three days in Athens, working together in Aboubakar Fofanas studio. I will set up a 200 L natural indigo vat for making new tests as soon as I’m back home. It´s magic every time!

The summer course program is now up and running. ‘Mönstra med färg’ including Indigo and shibori and much more will be one of them. Pls. see www.capellagarden.se for more information.

Sommarkursprogrammet för 2017 ligger nu uppe på Capellagårdens hemsida. Min kurs *Mönstra med färg' är en av dem. Indigo, shibori och olika sätt att skapa mönster. Se www.capellagarden.se för mer information.

Back home after two weeks of traveling in India looking at the textile works of artisans in Rajasthan. The craft heritage in this part of the world is amazing as well very complex due to the situation for the workers. Thank you India and all of you that we had the pleasure to meet this time.

Visited two block carving workshops in Jaipur today. Delicate patterns made with skilled crafting hands. A nice sweater can also make you feel better when you are out of cash.

Back in Jaipur and looking at the amazing art of block printing. Tomorrow we will visit Baghru village.

Back in Mother India, today we met weavers in Natore. Very encouraging and inspiring to see craftspeople working with textiles in so many different ways.

Indigo workshop with two creative and fun blue days at KKV in Malmö.

Last week I started a new printing workshop. We worked with geometrical shapes and action painting patterns. And also got time to update our workshop with new table top covers. Assignment ´For no use´ to be presented next week.

All the effort, knowledge and skills behind the scene. Studiovisit at Maja Sjöberg´s studio at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

Threads, fabrics and colors. Collecting materials and meeting crafts people around Japan. Tomorrow heading towards Yama Shi.

Working with new design for jute rugs and a serie of household items. Indigo and nature colors, a timeless combination!

Preparing an Natural Indigo vat and researching for new projects. Indigo in my dreams… The working shirt belongs to Miho.

My favorit at the Furniture Fair is Oyyo that designs and makes beautiful crafted dhurries. Hand woven and dyed with natural dyes in India. http://oyyo.se

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016. Dusty pastels all over the place… Lightening, furnitures, carpets… Soft and playful.

The artist and in all various ways inspiring Gunilla Skyttla has left us. I´m grateful that our roads crossed. My thoughts goes to Raine, her life companion.

From todays study visit at Pernilla Lindfors studio, theatre tailor that makes costumes for both films and theaters. In the process of making reality out of Sandra Parments ideas for the play Himladrumlar. Directed by Ika Nord and premiere at Byteatern in April 2016.

We are working with Chromatics today. With inspiration from Louis Barragáns beautiful work. Transforming colors and proportions to patterns.

A glimpse of my contribution to Gudrun Sjöden, Autumn 2016. Photo Anna Kern.
From Monica Ekervik Hedmans Instagram Busiga. A Sneak peek from the photo shoot at Moma in NY.

Workshop at Östasiatiska museet with Yoshiko Wada. Such a pleasure and joy to meet a person with this knowledge and experience about textile. Inspired!

Med textilklassen på besök hos Horisaki. Hattmakare med känsla för material och form.
Study visit at Horisaki studio today. Hat makers with feeling for materials quality and shape.

Så glad över att jag kom med på workshopen “Kimono, Origami and Modules” med YOSHIKO WADA på Östasiatiska museet om en vecka! Looking forward to the Yoshiko Wada workshop at Östasiatiska museet!