We started this project with the different aspects of reusing existing resources and lengthen the life of already existing materials in mind. It all starts with the artisans in Ajrakhpur, India with whom we will initiate different ways to handle and take care of waste materials such as the Aachadiya´s.

The Aachadiya´s are used under the fabrics when you block print and they protects the surface and also absorb the left over pigments. The project is a collaboration with the artisan Juned Khatri in Ajrakhpur, India who is 9th generation of block printing masters originally from Dhamadka, Gujarat, India.

Ajrakh means “the one who fills a surface with patterns”. And that’s also essential for the Aachadiyas. Like maps or silent story tellers they expose what’s been printed in the past. Randomly, precisely and beautiful in their different surfaces. A limited edition of kimonos will be released in 2020. And all the profit goes back to Ajrakhpur in different ways. Stay tuned!

Colours of nature! In the middle of the process of dyeing all the shirts that the test pilots has sent us for “The shirt project”. Piece by piece a weave of stories, shapes and shades appears. Mordanting, piece dye and prepare all the dye pigments is time consuming but also very fulfilling. If you are interested to grow, collect or forage different peals or plants pls. send an email.

We are making plans, foraging plants and talk a lot with different people about sustainable ways of making textiles. Just what I wished for!

Patience is a big part of making research. Sorting out and documenting results and facts takes time. But doing it together on a flying carpet makes more sense. Right now we are building up our experience and knowledge for launching a new business model that includes taking care of the resources and implement a sustainable chain for garments.

164 Shades of natural colours in 4 days. Research and sampling using only natural dye pigments for different qualities. Extracting, reusing and over dyeing with the beautiful plants and pigments that I we bought in India such as marigold, Indian madder, euphatorium, walnut, turmeric, logwood, bresilia and pomegranate.

Sneak peak. Detail from one of the bags that will be launched in November 2015