From last week’s workshop att KKV in Malmö. Working with Indigo dyeing and shibori techniques. So joyful to meet new people and share the magic of indigo.

Behind the scene of yesterday´s photo shoot together with Emmi Roosling. Started to laborate with wool and indigo. Piece made cloth in wool and natural indigo.

Indigo workshop with two creative and fun blue days at KKV in Malmö.

Another magic Indigo evening. Made some new shibori shawls in cotton.

Evening workshop. Dying indigo with shibori techniques. It´s magic every time.

Natural Indigo dyeing. Working with foldings and texture combined with dyeing.

Preparing an Natural Indigo vat and researching for new projects. Indigo in my dreams… The working shirt belongs to Miho.

För er som längtar efter sommaren. Capellagårdens sommarkurser finns nu på hemsidan.
For those of you that longs for summer. Capellagårdens summer coursers are now up on the website.

Indigofärgade sjalar i bomull. Alla är unika & säljs på förfrågan.
Indigo dyed shawls in cotton. All shawls are unique and can be purchased up on request.

Fotat i Nordings ateljé. “Indigo i rörelse”. Indigofärgade sjalar i shiboriteknik.
Photo shoot in Nordings studio. “Indigo in movement”. Indigo dyed shawls in shibori technique.

Tenuguis, Indigo dyed with shibori techniques. Just dyed and now hanging in the workshop.

Workshop at Östasiatiska museet with Yoshiko Wada. Such a pleasure and joy to meet a person with this knowledge and experience about textile. Inspired!

Stort tack till alla medverkande för en lyckad Indigo & Shibori workshop på KKV i Malmö.
Big thanks to all participants in the Indigo & Shibori workshop at KKV in Malmö.

Linen and silk yarn resist dyed with Indigo

Indigo workshop at Capella.

Indigo dyed with several shibori techniques. Japanese tenugui fabrics in cotton.
You can purchase them at Capellagårdens exhibition store this summer.