My latest indigo vat, queen of blue! So vivid, strong and beautiful shades of blue! This is art project “Just give me two minutes” is an installation that will be exhibited during spring 2020. All pieces dyed with natural indigo, ‘indigofera tinctoria’ that I purchased during my last trip to India.

Thank you Linnea Blomgren for co leading and Svenska Shiborisällskapet / Swedish Shibori association for participating in two days filled with indigo. During the workshop we prepared two natural indigo vats with indigo from both Ecuador and India. The participants tried Katazome print with rice resist paste and different shibori techniques.

Next indigo workshop will take place at Capellagården 1st to 3rd of May 2020.

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Fortfarande några platser kvar! Kontakta Linnea för mer information. Se Mail ovan.

Still some spots left! Pls. contact Linnea for more information. See Mail above.

We just started a fermentation process to extract indigo. First step is to harvest the indigo leaves and after that directly submerges them in to water. It will take a couple of weeks before extraction of the pigment can start…the outcome is yet still unsure but knowledge is power!

So much knowledge, generosity and spirit of indigo. I’m so thankful for those three days in Athens, working together in Aboubakar Fofanas studio. I will set up a 200 L natural indigo vat for making new tests as soon as I’m back home. It´s magic every time!