Our collaboration with the Vankar family has just begun. We met in November in their workshop and home in Jamthada village, Kutch, India. The family are weavers since several generations and makes the most beautiful fabrics in cotton, all handwoven!
We have chosen to work only with natural dyes and organic khala cotton that is naturally grown in Gujarath. The process starts with dyeing and warping, the warp is always prepared in 50 meters lengths. Then brushing starch over the tensed warp (see movie) and once its dried and combed they are connecting the new warp with the old one in the reed in the loom. Thread by thread they tie the 2200 edges together before they can start to weave. All steps are time consuming and the hands are always included. The other tools are perfectly crafted for each step in the process.

We will make a small collection of fabrics together that lasts for a long time and will be loved and taken care for. Shared profit, no middle hands, no bargin and a fully transparent chain from artisan to customer. Shipping in the best way possible is the aim. Stay tuned for more information. The indigo fabric on the pictures will be first out!