I’m attending a four days workshop in natural dyeing for professionals with chemist and master dyer Michel Garcia at Konstfack, Stockholm. First day four different indigo methods for dyeing and printing. One Scandinavian vat and a 123 Suger vat as well as extracting indigotin from leaf powder and prepare Maya blue. The more I learn about this plant and pigment the more I love it.

Our collaboration with the Vankar family has just begun. We met in November in their workshop and home in Jamthada village, Kutch, India. The family are weavers since several generations and makes the most beautiful fabrics in cotton, all handwoven!
We have chosen to work only with natural dyes and organic khala cotton that is naturally grown in Gujarath. The process starts with dyeing and warping, the warp is always prepared in 50 meters lengths. Then brushing starch over the tensed warp (see movie) and once its dried and combed they are connecting the new warp with the old one in the reed in the loom. Thread by thread they tie the 2200 edges together before they can start to weave. All steps are time consuming and the hands are always included. The other tools are perfectly crafted for each step in the process.

We will make a small collection of fabrics together that lasts for a long time and will be loved and taken care for. Shared profit, no middle hands, no bargin and a fully transparent chain from artisan to customer. Shipping in the best way possible is the aim. Stay tuned for more information. The indigo fabric on the pictures will be first out!

Nu är det tid att söka till Capellagårdens sommarkurser 2020.
Jag håller kursen “Mönstra med färg”, där vi arbetar med olika tryck- och färgningstekniker för att få fram mönster på tyg, garn och papper. Vi håller till i det tidigare hönshuset som numera huserar skolans färgkök och tryckverkstad.

En veckas sommarkurs på Capellagården är en upplevelse! Att få fördjupad kunskap med nyfunna vänner och vara omgiven av den fantastiska trädgården och att varje dag samlas kring de gemensamma måltiderna, det är den bästa typen av semester tycker jag! Jag försöker själv att uppleva det då och då och slås av vilken generös och vänlig plats Capellagården är.

Textil – Mönstra med färg*
Kursledare: Linda Zetterman. Kursavgift: 3500 kr

Det här är en kurs för dig som vill få en introduktion till textilt hantverk och formgivning. Vi kommer att använda olika reservage- och trycktekniker tillsammans med färgning med naturlig indigo, ett urval av växtfärger och syntetiska pigment för att undersöka olika sätt att formge mönster. Vi skapar mönster genom att trycka, färga, teckna, vika och sy. Kursen innehåller även en uppgift där du kommer att kunna pröva metoder att arbeta utifrån inspiration med formgivning. Förhoppningen är att de olika momenten skall ge nya idéer och kunskap om textila material. Efter kursen kommer du själv att kunna skapa olika mönster, räkna recept och arbeta med olika textila pigment och kvalitéer. Kursen passar både för dig som har förkunskap i textil och för dig som vill pröva någonting helt nytt. Undervisningen blandar gemensamma genomgångar med individuell handledning.

Ansökan sker via ansökningsformuläret på Capellagårdens hemsida. Se länken nedan, där kan du sedan klicka vidare till formuläret.
Jag tar inte emot ansökningar men däremot är du välkommen med frågor.
Samtliga mönster på bilderna ovan gjordes av deltagare under 2019 års kurs.


My latest indigo vat, queen of blue! So vivid, strong and beautiful shades of blue! This is art project “Just give me two minutes” is an installation that will be exhibited during spring 2020. All pieces dyed with natural indigo, ‘indigofera tinctoria’ that I purchased during my last trip to India.

Thank you Linnea Blomgren for co leading and Svenska Shiborisällskapet / Swedish Shibori association for participating in two days filled with indigo. During the workshop we prepared two natural indigo vats with indigo from both Ecuador and India. The participants tried Katazome print with rice resist paste and different shibori techniques.

Next indigo workshop will take place at Capellagården 1st to 3rd of May 2020.

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Fortfarande några platser kvar! Kontakta Linnea för mer information. Se Mail ovan.

Still some spots left! Pls. contact Linnea for more information. See Mail above.

The work on our book about block print is approaching the final cut. We have begun the hard work of selecting pictures and putting together the themes for each chapter. It is a very fun part of the process but it is also difficult to “kill your loved ones”. Out of more than 12,000 images, we have now reduced the number to 1,000.

We started this project with the different aspects of reusing existing resources and lengthen the life of already existing materials in mind. It all starts with the artisans in Ajrakhpur, India with whom we will initiate different ways to handle and take care of waste materials such as the Aachadiya´s.

The Aachadiya´s are used under the fabrics when you block print and they protects the surface and also absorb the left over pigments. The project is a collaboration with the artisan Juned Khatri in Ajrakhpur, India who is 9th generation of block printing masters originally from Dhamadka, Gujarat, India.

Ajrakh means “the one who fills a surface with patterns”. And that’s also essential for the Aachadiyas. Like maps or silent story tellers they expose what’s been printed in the past. Randomly, precisely and beautiful in their different surfaces. A limited edition of kimonos will be released in 2020. And all the profit goes back to Ajrakhpur in different ways. Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone that came and took part of “The shirt project”. Overwhelmed by the response. Many important thoughts and questions about sustainability, natural dyeing, fibers -just as we wished for! Information about upcoming workshops and next exhibition will soon be sent to all our testpilots, stay tuned!

We just started a fermentation process to extract indigo. First step is to harvest the indigo leaves and after that directly submerges them in to water. It will take a couple of weeks before extraction of the pigment can start…the outcome is yet still unsure but knowledge is power!

Another summer course at Capellagården has ended. People, patterns, materials and a lots of colours – all in a joyful mix! We have tried different materials and medias and made patterns with dyes, stamps, plants and the sun. Thanks a lot to all the participants and to Estelle who assisted me during the week. And see you next summer! Check out www.capellagarden.se in the beginning of 2020 for more info.

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Patience is a big part of making research. Sorting out and documenting results and facts takes time. But doing it together on a flying carpet makes more sense. Right now we are building up our experience and knowledge for launching a new business model that includes taking care of the resources and implement a sustainable chain for garments.

We have started to sort pictures for the block printing book. We took over 10000 pictures during our trip and now trying to decide how to tell the story… It´s challenging but yet so fun to work with this project. Baghru is known for “dhabu” resist printing with mud and over dye with indigo as well as the use of natural pigments for block printing with colours. The fabrics needs to be mordanted with harda before you print with natural colours made of iron/jagery, madder and turmeric. This indigo vat has sustained for 9 years!

Back after a very intense month in India where I’ve been doing field studies as well as worked with the book project about the beautiful craft of block printing. Also explored different ways of working with natural dyes for both dyeing and printing. Met so many skilled craftspeople and the knowledge and enthusiasm they’ve shared is invaluable and very inspiring. Thank you all!

Sampling for upcoming project. Working on a library of natural dyes in collaboration with @saramariacarl. Also continuing with the “Collecting colour 2018” project. Made a super powerful indigo vat this time, named India. Each natural vat is an adventure and I have been through ups and downs.

This years´s summer course week has ended. Now we are having a glas of wine in the garden surrounded by Indigo and Busan “the cat” is checking that we are ok. A week full of material, talks, new people, patterns, indigo, shibori, cyanotopi and plants. Big thanks to all of you who participated, hope to see you soon again!

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So much knowledge, generosity and spirit of indigo. I’m so thankful for those three days in Athens, working together in Aboubakar Fofanas studio. I will set up a 200 L natural indigo vat for making new tests as soon as I’m back home. It´s magic every time!

Nu är det hög tid att söka till Capellagårdens sommarkurser. Jag håller kursen “Mönstra med färg” den 24;e till 30;e juni. Där du har möjlighet att pröva olika textila tekniker för att göra mönster med shibori, stämpeltryck, cyanotopi, målning m.m.

Now it´s time to apply for the summer courses at Capellagården. I will hold an indigo and pattern course 24th to 30th of June. “Mönstra med färg”. Indigo dyeing with shibori techniques, stamp printing, print with open screens, painting with dyes and cyanotopi are some of the techniques that we work with to create patterns. Check out at www.capellagarden.se

From last week’s workshop att KKV in Malmö. Working with Indigo dyeing and shibori techniques. So joyful to meet new people and share the magic of indigo.

From yesterdays Indigo workshop at Capellagården. It´s magic every time to indigo dye in the garden in-between the textile and ceramic workshops.

Behind the scene of yesterday´s photo shoot together with Emmi Roosling. Piece by Piece. 20 different patterns, all made with different shibori techniques. Exploring the limits and possibilities of clamping. Dyed with iindigo.

The summer course program is now up and running. ‘Mönstra med färg’ including Indigo and shibori and much more will be one of them. Pls. see www.capellagarden.se for more information.

Sommarkursprogrammet för 2017 ligger nu uppe på Capellagårdens hemsida. Min kurs *Mönstra med färg' är en av dem. Indigo, shibori och olika sätt att skapa mönster. Se www.capellagarden.se för mer information.

Indigo workshop with two creative and fun blue days at KKV in Malmö.

Today ‘Open Capella’ invited a group of women from Syria to join in the indigo dying workshop.

Working with new design for jute rugs and a serie of household items. Indigo and nature colors, a timeless combination!

Working with sketches for 2017. Indigo, burned sienna and natural shades of linen.

Preparing an Natural Indigo vat and researching for new projects. Indigo in my dreams… The working shirt belongs to Miho.

Ännu en kreativ Indigohelg. Tack alla medverkande för en lyckad workshop.
Another creative Indigo weekend. A big thanks to all participants for a wonderful workshop.

Stort tack till alla medverkande för en lyckad Indigo & Shibori workshop på KKV i Malmö.
Big thanks to all participants in the Indigo & Shibori workshop at KKV in Malmö.

Indigo dyeing on paper.

Linen and silk yarn resist dyed with Indigo