My latest indigo vat, queen of blue! So vivid, strong and beautiful shades of blue! This is art project “Just give me two minutes” is an installation that will be exhibited during spring 2020. All pieces dyed with natural indigo, ‘indigofera tinctoria’ that I purchased during my last trip to India.

Thank you Linnea Blomgren for co leading and Svenska Shiborisällskapet / Swedish Shibori association for participating in two days filled with indigo. During the workshop we prepared two natural indigo vats with indigo from both Ecuador and India. The participants tried Katazome print with rice resist paste and different shibori techniques.

Next indigo workshop will take place at Capellagården 1st to 3rd of May 2020.

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Fortfarande några platser kvar! Kontakta Linnea för mer information. Se Mail ovan.

Still some spots left! Pls. contact Linnea for more information. See Mail above.

Materials for the spring pattern project just arrived from Maiwa Handprints! Patterns in making… I will try Katazome printing again. Tried it before in Japan and also been experimenting. Now with some proper tools.

Patience is a big part of making research. Sorting out and documenting results and facts takes time. But doing it together on a flying carpet makes more sense. Right now we are building up our experience and knowledge for launching a new business model that includes taking care of the resources and implement a sustainable chain for garments.

164 Shades of natural colours in 4 days. Research and sampling using only natural dye pigments for different qualities. Extracting, reusing and over dyeing with the beautiful plants and pigments that I we bought in India such as marigold, Indian madder, euphatorium, walnut, turmeric, logwood, bresilia and pomegranate.

Sampling for upcoming project. Working on a library of natural dyes in collaboration with @saramariacarl. Also continuing with the “Collecting colour 2018” project. Made a super powerful indigo vat this time, named India. Each natural vat is an adventure and I have been through ups and downs.

Nu är det hög tid att söka till Capellagårdens sommarkurser. Jag håller kursen “Mönstra med färg” den 24;e till 30;e juni. Där du har möjlighet att pröva olika textila tekniker för att göra mönster med shibori, stämpeltryck, cyanotopi, målning m.m.

Now it´s time to apply for the summer courses at Capellagården. I will hold an indigo and pattern course 24th to 30th of June. “Mönstra med färg”. Indigo dyeing with shibori techniques, stamp printing, print with open screens, painting with dyes and cyanotopi are some of the techniques that we work with to create patterns. Check out at

From last week’s workshop att KKV in Malmö. Working with Indigo dyeing and shibori techniques. So joyful to meet new people and share the magic of indigo.

All the effort, knowledge and skills behind the scene. Studiovisit at Maja Sjöberg´s studio at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.