You need to get aware of how your textiles are actually produced! What kind of resources and different steps that are involved in the process from raw materials and pigments to cutting, sewing, shipping and ultimately how you wash your garments. I am often surprised by the low general knowledge also among textile students. We must train and strengthen the next generation of craftsmen and designers. Make sure they get the right knowledge to improve the chain. It´s not good enough to just produce new things … The importance of your hands' knowledge and the joy of making instead of just being a consumer. We must take care of our resources and use less raw materials and chemicals in the production chain. Stop producing poor quality things that end up as landfills. As a consumer you can start with buying less but better! If you must buy new things, ask yourself if there is a need or just for fun … Be sure to borrow, reuse and remake! Its a global crisis and we need to take full responsibility for our behaviour!

The pictures above are from Ajrakhpur where everyone works with block printing. The strong community spirit also comes from shared knowledge, shared resources and a long tradition of making block printed fabrics with natural pigments.

Soon on my way to beloved Mother India. This time will work together with block printers in Baghru, Sanganer, Ajrakhpur. Combining research, practical work and by following the whole process of pattern making and preparing for the book project; “Block print, trace from hand and nature”. Follow the work at @theblockprintingbook on Instagram.

We are in the middle of the process of putting everything together, recipes, texts, photos, illustrations, story lines, portraits. We are also testing papers, fonts, cooking, arguing and recharging batteries. It´s really rewarding, scary, fun and soon it´s not just our little baby anymore…

Back home after two weeks of traveling in India looking at the textile works of artisans in Rajasthan. The craft heritage in this part of the world is amazing as well very complex due to the situation for the workers. Thank you India and all of you that we had the pleasure to meet this time.

Visited two block carving workshops in Jaipur today. Delicate patterns made with skilled crafting hands. A nice sweater can also make you feel better when you are out of cash.

Kransar i papper & siden nu åter i produktion. Säljs på förfrågan.
Garlands in paper and silk are now up and running. Can be purchased up on request.

Med textilklassen på besök hos Horisaki. Hattmakare med känsla för material och form.
Study visit at Horisaki studio today. Hat makers with feeling for materials quality and shape.