“Färgministeriet är en intresseförening för verksamma inom färg/fibrer vars syfte är att verka för att skapa en gemensam plattform för kunskapsutbyten genom seminarer, föreläsningar och workshops. Bjuda in verksamma kreatörer både nationellt och internationellt. Följ oss på Instagram för uppdateringar och kommande event.

“The Ministry of color” is an interest organization that aims to create a platform and an exchange of knowledge between creators working with color and fiber, through seminars, lectures and workshops. We appeal to active creators both nationally and internationally. Follow us on Instagram for updates and upcoming events.

" A perspective of 2018"
This project started in a workshop and with my lack of a colour tool that could fit my purposes. It´s a custom made box that contains 800 pieces of hand painted colour shades. An object as much as an tool. I´ve made the shades daily and like a diary it has grown over the year.

164 Shades of natural colours in 4 days. Research and sampling using only natural dye pigments for different qualities. Extracting, reusing and over dyeing with the beautiful plants and pigments that I we bought in India such as marigold, Indian madder, euphatorium, walnut, turmeric, logwood, bresilia and pomegranate.

Soon on my way to beloved Mother India. This time will work together with block printers in Baghru, Sanganer, Ajrakhpur. Combining research, practical work and by following the whole process of pattern making and preparing for the book project; “Block print, trace from hand and nature”. Follow the work at @theblockprintingbook on Instagram.

Sampling for upcoming project. Working on a library of natural dyes in collaboration with @saramariacarl. Also continuing with the “Collecting colour 2018” project. Made a super powerful indigo vat this time, named India. Each natural vat is an adventure and I have been through ups and downs.

Different aspects of colours. Working together with the textile artist Kajsa Löfstedt. We have been analysing and painting in different mediums and made a bank of colour shades. I also explored the inflection point in between denomination and colour.

New wool shawl samples. We have been dyeing with avocado, turmeric, ink, indigo, nettle and done several tryouts in-between the process of screen printing the restored “Ekudden” pattern by Carl Malmsten.

The Mill
We are working with a portrait of Kennet. Mindblowing, beautiful and an absolute pitch when it comes to materials, shapes and colors.

At Alice Lunds textile studio. Handwoven textiles, custom made. It´s something special with working spaces.

Working with sketches for 2017. Indigo, burned sienna and natural shades of linen.

We are working with Chromatics today. With inspiration from Louis Barragáns beautiful work. Transforming colors and proportions to patterns.