I´m so proud that this idea that I initiated and been working for became reality… Pls. spread the word!

Textile Salon – Capella 60 years

Vernissage April 24th at 2 p.m in Norrlängan.
The exhibition is open Thursday-Sunday, April 24th until May 10th, Opening hours 10am – 4pm.
Capellagarden’s friends invite former students and teachers to a Textile Salon.
As Capellagården celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020, we want to manifest the variety of the textile material by filling the Norrlängan with textiles. You are welcome to apply with a textile work that will be representative for you and not older than five years. The work should be accommodated within 1.5 x 1.5 sqm and it can contain several objects as long as the size is not exceeded. Your work can be one-, two- or three-dimensional and can lie, stand or hang. Deadline for applying is 2nd of March 2020. For more information pls. see;

The jury;
Birgitta Nordström, Textile artist and researcher
Carina Seth Andersson, Designer
Bodil Karsvall, Chairman of Friends of Capellagarden

Curator for the exhibition is Birgitta Nordström.

Feel free to tell a friend or relative who has been a student or taught at Textile at Capellagården.
For questions please contact;

Textil Salong – Capella 60 år

Vernissage 24 april kl. 14.00 – 16.00 i Norrlängan.
Utställningen är öppen torsdag-söndag 24 april -10 maj, Öppettider 10-16.
Capellagårdens vänner bjuder in tidigare studerande och lärare till en Textil Salong.
Med anledning av att Capellagården år 2020 firar 60 år vill vi manifestiera spännvidden på det textila materialet genom att fylla Norrlängan med textil. Du är välkommen att söka med ett textilt verk som skall vara representativt för dig och inte äldre än fem år. Verket skall rymmas inom 1,5 x 1,5 kvm och det kan innehålla flera objekt så länge storleken ej överskrids. Ditt verk kan vara en-, två- eller tredimensionellt och kan ligga, stå eller hänga. Deadline för ansökan är 2 mars 2020. För mer information om ansökningsförfarande och kriterier se;


Juryn består av;
Birgitta Nordström, Textilkonstnär och forskare
Carina Seth Andersson, Formgivare
Bodil Karsvall, Ordförande Capellagårdens Vänner

Curator för utställningen är Birgitta Nordström.

Tipsa gärna en vän eller släkting som varit studerande eller undervisat på Textil på Capellagården.
För frågor kontakta; linda.zetterman@capellagarden.se

This years´s summer course week has ended. Now we are having a glas of wine in the garden surrounded by Indigo and Busan “the cat” is checking that we are ok. A week full of material, talks, new people, patterns, indigo, shibori, cyanotopi and plants. Big thanks to all of you who participated, hope to see you soon again!

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Such a perfect day. We made a kite and it won first price for it´s beauty and also flied all day high in the sky.

Final days at Capella. We are working with the summer exhibition. I’m also taking done the interior design and the set up for the exhibition store. Just trying to be in the present during this wonderful time.

Nyanser av grått. Capellagårdens trädgårdsbutik öppnar till påsk, nymålad! Jag har gjort färgsättningen tillsammans med målarna Rebecka och Alex. Vi har endast använt linoljefärger från Allbäcks, som ger rätt matthet och liv. Planerar nu för det fortsatta arbetet med utställningsbutiken.

Shades of grey. Capellagardens garden shop opens until Easter, newly painted! I have made the color scheme together with the painters Rebecka and Alex. We have used linseed colors from Allbäcks, which provide the right math and life. Now planning for the continued work with the exhibition shop.

Nu är det hög tid att söka till Capellagårdens sommarkurser. Jag håller kursen “Mönstra med färg” den 24;e till 30;e juni. Där du har möjlighet att pröva olika textila tekniker för att göra mönster med shibori, stämpeltryck, cyanotopi, målning m.m.

Now it´s time to apply for the summer courses at Capellagården. I will hold an indigo and pattern course 24th to 30th of June. “Mönstra med färg”. Indigo dyeing with shibori techniques, stamp printing, print with open screens, painting with dyes and cyanotopi are some of the techniques that we work with to create patterns. Check out at www.capellagarden.se

From yesterdays Indigo workshop at Capellagården. It´s magic every time to indigo dye in the garden in-between the textile and ceramic workshops.

We are in the middle of the process of putting everything together, recipes, texts, photos, illustrations, story lines, portraits. We are also testing papers, fonts, cooking, arguing and recharging batteries. It´s really rewarding, scary, fun and soon it´s not just our little baby anymore…

The summer course program is now up and running. ‘Mönstra med färg’ including Indigo and shibori and much more will be one of them. Pls. see www.capellagarden.se for more information.

Sommarkursprogrammet för 2017 ligger nu uppe på Capellagårdens hemsida. Min kurs *Mönstra med färg' är en av dem. Indigo, shibori och olika sätt att skapa mönster. Se www.capellagarden.se för mer information.

Last week I started a new printing workshop. We worked with geometrical shapes and action painting patterns. And also got time to update our workshop with new table top covers. Assignment ´For no use´ to be presented next week.

Today ‘Open Capella’ invited a group of women from Syria to join in the indigo dying workshop.

Last weekend for our exhibition “Colleagues”. Next week we will start building the Summer exhibitions with students from Capellagården. Vernissage 27th of May.

Upcomming exhibtion. Vernissage 14.00 Saturday 30th of April at Capellagarden.
I will exhibit sketches and some of my photos.

From yesterdays photoshoot. We played in Nordings studio. Such a great place with creative atmosphere. Ayakos wool shawl with natural dyed pale colors will be on the cover to a magasin next to you.

Today we are meeting all together, illustrator, author, photographer, design for the “Capella cook book”.

Preparing an Natural Indigo vat and researching for new projects. Indigo in my dreams… The working shirt belongs to Miho.

One of the best parts of working at Capella is that everyday is different. Starting with being intervjued and then carried a lot of garbage as well as collecting and curating beautiful pieces of handicraft. Visit our stand in Greenroom at Stockholm Furniture Fair or at Auktionsverket.

Ännu en kreativ Indigohelg. Tack alla medverkande för en lyckad workshop.
Another creative Indigo weekend. A big thanks to all participants for a wonderful workshop.

Indigo dyeing on paper.

Linen and silk yarn resist dyed with Indigo