Sampling for upcoming project. Working on a library of natural dyes in collaboration with @saramariacarl. Also continuing with the “Collecting colour 2018” project. Made a super powerful indigo vat this time, named India. Each natural vat is an adventure and I have been through ups and downs.

Different aspects of colours. Working together with the textile artist Kajsa Löfstedt. We have been analysing and painting in different mediums and made a bank of colour shades. I also explored the inflection point in between denomination and colour.

This years´s summer course week has ended. Now we are having a glas of wine in the garden surrounded by Indigo and Busan “the cat” is checking that we are ok. A week full of material, talks, new people, patterns, indigo, shibori, cyanotopi and plants. Big thanks to all of you who participated, hope to see you soon again!

New wool shawl samples. We have been dyeing with avocado, turmeric, ink, indigo, nettle and done several tryouts in-between the process of screen printing the restored “Ekudden” pattern by Carl Malmsten.

Such a perfect day. We made a kite and it won first price for it´s beauty and also flied all day high in the sky.

Final days at Capella. We are working with the summer exhibition. I’m also taking care of the interior and the set up for the exhibition craft store and just trying to be in the present during this wonderful time.

Jag arbetar med en ny serie mönster, sex prints utifrån ett indigofärgat fiberpapper.

I’m working with a new series of patterns and prints. Six different patterns out from one indigo dyed papper. “Parts and pieces 1-6”. Mixed media.

Trycker just nu mönstret “Ekudden” ritat av Carl Malmsten på 60-talet. Malmsten är mest känd för sina möbler, men det här mönstret är verkligen en pärla. Nu är det återskapat och kommer att tryckas för hand på Capella.

Printing the pattern “Ekudden” drawn by Carl Malmsten in the 60´s. Malmsten is mostly famous for his furnitures but this pattern is really a piece of jewellery. Now it´s recreated and will be hand printed at Capellagarden.

Nyanser av grått. Capellagårdens trädgårdsbutik öppnar till påsk, nymålad! Jag har jobbat med färgsättningen tillsammans med målarna Rebecka och Alex. Vi har använt vackra linoljefärger från Allbäcks, som ger rätt matthet och liv. Planerar nu för det fortsatta arbetet med utställningsbutiken!

Shades of grey. Capellagardens garden shop opens until Easter, newly painted! I have worked with the color scheme together with the painters Rebecka and Alex. We have used beautiful linseed colors from Allbäcks, which provide the right math and life. Now planning for the continued work with the exhibition shop!

So much knowledge, generosity and spirit of indigo. I’m so thankful for those three days in Athens, working together in Aboubakar Fofanas studio. I will set up a 200 L natural indigo vat for making new tests as soon as I’m back home. It´s magic every time!

Soon on my way to Athens and a 3 days workshop in natural indigo dyeing for the Master dyer Aboubakar Fofana! Photo by Claudia Sangiorgio Dallimore.

Nu är det hög tid att söka till Capellagårdens sommarkurser. Jag håller kursen “Mönstra med färg” den 24;e till 30;e juni. Där du har möjlighet att pröva olika textila tekniker för att göra mönster med shibori, stämpeltryck, cyanotopi, målning m.m.

Now it´s time to apply for the summer courses at Capellagården. I will hold an indigo and pattern course 24th to 30th of June. “Mönstra med färg”. Indigo dyeing with shibori techniques, stamp printing, print with open screens, painting with dyes and cyanotopi are some of the techniques that we work with to create patterns. Check out at

From last week´s workshop. Final assignment “The art of deconstructing a book”. The students deconstructed a pile of books and made three different pieces out of them; Something wearable, A mobile and A book. So much creativity and focus from the in the studio and so many beautiful pieces of art.

Måltidsakademin har utsett 2017 års bästa svenska måltidslitteratur och den 23:e november fick vi ta emot första pris i kategorin Livsstilslitteratur för vår bok “Capellagårdens kokbok, platsen, människorna och maten”.

Idé, foto och form; Linda Zetterman & Johan Ekelund
Text & Intervjuer; Stina Lundén
Illustrationer; Terése Karlsson
Carlssons förlag

Med motiveringen; "En bok om maten och människorna på den legendariska hantverksskolan i Vickleby på Öland. En vacker och inspirerande bok om en plats att längta till.”

From last week’s workshop att KKV in Malmö. Working with Indigo dyeing and shibori techniques. So joyful to meet new people and share the magic of indigo.

Capellagården participates in the Weaving fair “Väv 17”. I feel humble and yet surprised by all the people working with weaving in different ways. I attended Reiko Sudo´s and Birgitta Nordström´s lectures, both sharing so much knowledge, patience and hard work. We all relate to textiles and needs to create a sustainable way of work with it. The tension of the threads and the work of hands is a stunning and an important force.

From yesterdays Indigo workshop at Capellagården. It´s magic every time to indigo dye in the garden in-between the textile and ceramic workshops.

Behind the scene of yesterday´s photo shoot together with Emmi Roosling. Started to laborate with wool and indigo. New shawls to order.

Made some tryouts today together with Sara and Annie. Preparing for the summer course at Capellagården in July. Also trying to get back in a creative flow “post book” and a lot of deadlines. Working with light sensitive fluid to create patterns with UV light in a technique called Cyanotopi.

Knitting workshop at Karin Öberg. Got so inspired! I just started my first knitting project in 34 years.